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Mortgage Interest Rate Guarantee

Below is a treasure trove of financing information to help you find the lowest possible combination of mortgage loan interest rates and fees available today from the lender you choose.

Our Interest Rate Deal

Did you know that as your buyer’s agent, we can negotiate your interest rate, too? Based on your credit score, we may be able to save you thousands of dollars in interest and lender’s fees alone on your loan from our lender partner, Certus Bank. Compare the best rate you can get from any mortgage lender in NC to the rate you can get from Certus Bank, and if we can’t beat their rate by at least 1/8%, then we’ll give you $500 cash! For more info, click here:

Credit Reporting Agencies

Before you start shopping for a loan, you will want to inspect a copy of your credit report for errors. The following credit reporting agencies can provide you with copies of your report for a nominal charge, or visit to understand how credit scoring works.

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The Carolina Buyer’s Agent and Certus Bank Interest Rate Guarantee!

 “I never expected my buyer’s agent to negotiate my interest rate, but based on my credit score, Carolina Buyer’s Agent was able to negotiate a below-market interest rate, saving me thousands of dollars in interest and lenders fees! And as your buyer’s agent, if they can’t negotiate an interest rate that is at least 1/8% lower than the best rate you can find for the same loan, then they’ll send your file to the lender of your choice and give you $500 cash – Now that’s looking out for me!”

Rules for the Interest Rate Guarantee:

  • Loan amount is equal to or greater than $120,000
  • Maximum loan to value (LTV) is 95%
  • Good Faith Estimate from the company providing the best interest rate is dated the same day as rate quoted by our lender partner

And if Certus Bank can’t beat the interest rate for the same loan program by at least 1/8%, then we’ll forward your loan to the lender of your choice, and send you $500!*

*HUD1 closing statement and interest rate, terms and lock period on the dated lock confirmation must match the interest rate, terms, and lock period on the Good Faith Estimate.

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