Access Charlotte Homes for Sale Info from Your Smartphone!

Search for Charlotte, NC homes on your phone!

Search for Charlotte, NC homes on your phone!

Imagine spotting the home of your dreams while exploring neighborhoods in Charlotte. Wouldn’t it be great to access the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) information on your smartphone?

Here’s another possibility: You’ve found the section of Charlotte that’s got everything you want. Shopping centers, entertainment venues, and your workplace are conveniently nearby. And you have quick and easy access to one of Charlotte’s famous greenways. You feel like you belong. Now you want to know what homes are available in this area.

Well, your wish has come true! Our buyers are using their smartphones to search for homes — and with our mobile IDX, you can target the features you want. Our mobile IDX is optimized for smartphones and handheld devices. You can specify your selection criteria from your desktop, or use a map-based search to find the Charlotte homes for sale that meet your search criteria. Search all the Charlotte area homes for sale, including Charlotte MLS listings, Charlotte For-Sale-by-Owner homes, Foreclosures, and New Construction, too!

It’s the vital information you need organized the way you want it. Search the Charlotte region MLS by neighborhood, commute distance, address/zip, or by the distance from your current location while you’re driving around. Just go to our website and click on “Find a Charlotte home!” – or just click on the image above, and you’re on your way! You can also search for new construction at, foreclosures at HUDHomes and, and For-Sale-by-Owner homes at

If information is power, this new feature is Frodo’s ring in today’s real estate market! In this market, you need every advantage, and especially the added benefit of an experienced professional who is ethically bound to provide exclusive representation to the buyer, one who never takes listings. So don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our exclusive buyer representation services.

Getting Real in Charlotte Real Estate

For a while, it looked like Charlotte real estate was missing out on the crazy boom times of areas such as California. Now that the party’s over, we’re glad we missed out!

The Charlotte real estate market has long enjoyed steady sales. The crazy volatility in places such as California never showed its face. Of course, some buyers from areas where home prices soared unrealistically thought they could do some of the same things here in Charlotte, such as “flipping,” that is, selling a house in a “hot” area shortly after purchasing, and making a tidy profit. Charlotte didn’t have that kind of artificial boom, and now that people are re-learning the law of real estate gravity (what goes too far up will have farther to fall), we’re glad it didn’t. At the time, though, some judged the Charlotte home market as unworthy of their time and effort.

There’s a lot to be said for slow and steady!

But I’m always learning new things. The old saying about wanting to go back to your twenties still knowing what you know today may be unrealistic (impossible?), but we can still learn from others — assuming we’re willing to listen.

Here’s something I wish I’d known when I bought my first houses. I didn’t find out until after I closed on my home here in Charlotte that I should have asked the attorney to request the title insurance from the same title company that held the existing policy on the home I was purchasing. Instead, my closing attorney requested the title insurance policy from the company his firm normally used, which resulted in a new policy that was issued to me at the standard $2.00 per M rate. If I had just known to request the “reissue rate” instead, I could have saved several hundred dollars on my title insurance!

But that’s what makes this business so interesting; you never know it all. There’s always something else you can learn and pass on to your buyer clients. And if anyone ever did learn all there was to know, someone would just come along and change the rules.

Charlotte Real Estate Agents Encouraged by Charlotte Condo Sales

Charlotte real estate, like the rest of the country, has been a little slow lately. While Charlotte, North Carolina, wasn’t hit as hard as some areas by the real estate woes that hit in 2008, it still wasn’t much fun!

So this new report from the Charlotte Business Journal that Charlotte real estate investors are “snatching up” condos is especially welcome.

So you could say the drop in home prices was the silver lining to the dark cloud. That makes this an exciting time for buyers looking for a deal. As an Exclusive Buyer Agent, I know sellers are willing to negotiate like never before, and the way you put together a great deal can include add-ons for new construction, or the payment of closing costs, or bonuses. And then there’s that old bottom line, the selling price!

Many of the Charlotte home buyers we provide exclusive representation to are investors — and this is a great time to invest in Charlotte homes. From what I’m seeing, and from what the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents reports, that market is on the rebound. So when you’re considering Charlotte real estate agents, seriously consider an exclusive buyer’s agent!

Speaking of condos in Charlotte, here’s a picture I took that will give you an idea of what an incredible skyline Charlotte has developed:
The view from The Vue!
I was checking out a condo at The Vue in downtown Charlotte, taking pictures that I planned to email to a buyer who wanted to see how the customizations were shaping up. As I was admiring the workmanship and beauty of the bonus features, suddenly a pair of legs was dangling outside! I had to take a picture.

As much as I admire the management firm’s dedication to high levels (ha!) of upkeep, as well as the workman’s skill and courage, I have to admit I couldn’t do what he was doing. It’s times like that I’m glad I’m in real estate!