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Schools & Relocation

Here's the insider's A-Z primer from Charlotte NC schools and child care to senior housing, taxes and weather. Scroll through alphabetically or skip ahead and save yourself some running around by using the links provided to help you settle in to life in Charlotte even faster!

Real Estate Areas and Maps

Charlotte NC real estate includes everything from an open, urban loft in the heart of the city to a traditional colonial on a manicured lawn. Every Queen City neighborhood has its own personality, so read on to find the one that fits your lifestyle and view a map of the Charlotte area.

Charlotte NC Buyers Agents

Real estate buyers agents who represent buyers and sellers on the same home are called "dual agents". Before you call the real estate agent on the sign of the next home you want to see, ask him or her: Does your company policy allow you to represent me as a dual or designated agent?

Home Buyer News

September 2016

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August 2016

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July 2016

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June 2016

It's a good thing when our predictions come true, even if it's not exactly what we wanted. That's the way we feel about the forecasts for the Read more

May 2016

It’s hard to get real estate professionals to agree about anything, but the overwhelming consensus is that the Charlotte real estate market is full of Read more